About Us

New Anchor Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Oakland, CA. New Anchor was founded in 2019 by East Bay community members who had their lives changed by hosting refugees after working with JFCS-East Bay. New Anchor exists to raise awareness about the global refugee crisis, and to create opportunities for Americans to make a difference by helping those new arrivals with housing.

Jessie Young — Co-Founder

Jessie Young is a software engineer at Salesforce.com. She has been hosting refugees at her home for the past five years. Prior to Salesforce, Jessie built web applications for a variety of organizations, including GetCalFresh.org, a site that helps low-income Californians apply for food assistance.

Ben Casnocha — Co-Founder

Ben Casnocha is cofounder and partner at Village Global, an early stage venture capital firm in the Bay Area. He has been hosting refugees and working in the refugee community for several years. Prior to cofounding Village Global, Ben coauthored two New York Times bestselling business books and helped start and advise other companies in San Francisco.

Angie Mohr — Advisor

Angie Mohr headshot

Angie Mohr’s professional background spans refugee resettlement, criminal justice reform, mental health, education, and business. Prior to advising New Anchor, she was a member of the founding team at the Reset Foundation, a restorative, learning-based residential alternative to incarceration for transition age youth, where she led the design, development and implementation of a comprehensive, trauma-informed Wellness program. Trained as a mental health clinician, Angie has experience serving and supporting individuals impacted by interpersonal and systemic trauma, and a lens grounded in cultural competence, collaboration, listening, and learning. Prior to transitioning to the nonprofit sector, Angie spent several years in the business sector, where she worked in business development and strategy consulting.

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